How can I fix my Internet connection at UCF apartments?

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Depending on the degree you are pursuing, you may have a large dependence on the Internet. The workers and staff at UCF apartments understand this, and do everything they can to make sure that their residents have a stable, fast Internet connection. Sometimes the Internet goes down however, and you don't have the time to wait for maintenance to help you get it back up. What do you do then?

Well if you are really in a bind, most UCF apartments have alternative ways to access the Internet, such as in the computer lab. There may however be a faster option than dragging your laptop around the complex. I'm talking about fixing your own Internet.

Fixing your own Internet can be pretty easy, and can be done in any of the apartments near UCF. The first thing you need to know is the difference between a modem and a router. A modem connects to the cable line, and translates the information from the cable company to display the Internet on your computer. A router is what you can connect to the modem, in order to have a wireless signal in your unit. It should be noted that there are some modems that are also routers.

Now let's talk about identifying Internet problems at UCF apartments. If your Internet is not working, or is acting really slow, you need to determine if it is a modem or router issue. The best way to do this is to plug your computer directly into the modem. If your Internet is fast with a direct connection then it is a router issue, if it is slow then it is a modem issue.

When you have a problem with the modem, the best thing you can do is to reset it. Disconnect the modem from the router and power it down for at least a minute. When you turn it back on, wait for all of the blinking lights to turn solid and then reconnect it to the router. If your Internet is not fixed, you can try resetting it again. If after resetting your modem does not work, you will most likely have to contact someone through the cable company to reset your connection for you.

Now if you have a router issue, the first thing you should do is disconnect any and all devices that are connected except for one. Routers, especially old ones, sometimes get overworked by having too many devices trying to access the Internet at once. If your Internet speed increases drastically by only having one device, then you need to find the threshold of devices that your router can manage.

If having only one device connected to the router does not increase the speed, then it is a larger issue. You may either have to get a new router, or edit the routers settings. Editing the routers setting may include updating the router's firmware or changing the channel that it operates on. This may sound complicated, but can easily be done through a simple Internet search. If you end up really messing up the router settings, you can easily just reset the router to default.

All in all, fixing your Internet can actually be a really simple process. Most Internet issues in UCF apartments can honestly be fixed with a simple modem reset. So the next time your Internet goes down, you don't need to panic. You know exactly what to do.

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