Do any UCF apartments have tanning beds?

UCF apartment complexes know their residents well. Many UCF are apartments cater to their college student residents with an amenity we can all appreciate in Florida - tanning beds. A few UCF apartment complexes in particular offer exceptional tanning beds for their tenants. So, if you are looking for a sensational tanning spot just around the corner from your apartment, check out the locations below.

UCF students should take a look at The Quad if they are looking for an apartment complex with a great tanning bed. The Quad's tanning bed is located near the large fitness center. The tanning bed is also close to the luxurious resort-style pools and volleyball courts. So, if you are a UCF student looking for a post-workout tanning session, The Quad is the place for you. And if you are looking for all natural tanning, this apartment complex also has tanning chairs lining the pool.

Another apartment complex with a tanning bed is less than a mile from the campus of UCF. The Lofts is a luxury student apartment complex boasting a pool with a hot tub, clubhouse, covered basketball court and much more. The Lofts apartments provide their residents with a great tanning bed area. But what is even more impressive is the large fitness center that is located right near the beautiful pool area. The Lofts pool area is decked out with lounge chairs, tropical palm trees, and outdoor grills. This makes it a perfect place for poolside cookouts.

My final suggestion for UCF area apartments with tanning beds is Riverwind Apartments. Riverwind is an affordable living community that is nearby not only UCF, but also fairly close to Valencia and Full Sail. The tanning beds are nice, and provide a great escape from the pool area that is frequently packed with students when the sun is out. Residents can also hangout in lounge chairs at the pool and or at the indoor computer lab - for when you do have to actually study!

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