What types of leases do Orlando apartments have to offer?

One of the most important decisions one can make when choosing an Orlando apartment is choosing a lease. Orlando is constantly growing and changing but there is one thing you can always be sure to find in Orlando; and that's choices. Orlando apartments offer tons of variety in just about every aspect including the lease types available to you and every other potential renter. Becoming knowledgeable of different lease types is of the utmost importance before you sign any leasing agreements. If you're unsure of what you're getting into when you sign a lease for your Orlando apartment you might be left with terms that you're unhappy with; and no one wants to get stuck in a lease they don't like.

The most common lease available in apartments near Orlando is the fixed-term lease, and the most common length is 12 months. When one signs a fixed-term lease they agree to remain tenancy in their Orlando apartment for a specified amount of time that typically ranges from 1-2 years. However, you may find fixed-term leases with shorter, or longer leasing periods. While your lease is in effect you'll be required to pay a predetermined amount of rent each month for your Orlando apartment. Fixed-term leases are best for those who are confident in their choice of apartments and have the financial means to pay said predetermined rent each month.

Another fairly popular lease type available throughout apartments in Orlando is the individual lease. Similar to a fixed-term lease you'll be required to pay a certain amount of rent each month, and remain tenancy in your apartment for a fixed amount of time. However, that Is pretty much here the similarities end between the two leasing types. With an individual lease you're only paying for your share of the apartment; meaning you pay for your bedroom, private bathroom, sometimes a small private sitting area, and your share of the common areas. Since you're only responsible for your share of the apartment should any of your roommates neglect to pay their rent you won't be impacted in any negative way. Even if they're forced to move out you can stay in your Orlando apartment as long as you keep paying for your share of the apartment. Individual leases can be ideal for college students, or those who just aren't too sure about their roommates.

A lesser known lease type in the Orlando area is the periodic lease. Periodic leases are also known as month-to-month leases and get their name because of the way they work. With a periodic lease you don't have to agree to spend any significant amount of time in your Orlando apartment; and the notice you are required to give before moving out is usually only 15-30 days. While you're not required to stay there for any significant period of time, you also won't be guaranteed a monthly rental rate. This means your rent could fluctuate month-to-month as your landlord sees fit. Periodic leases are best for those who are unsure of their situation and may have to move out suddenly.

Orlando apartments offer a wide array of leases to choose from. Making it easy for just about everyone to find a lease type that suits them best.

Bonus Tip: Check your lease for information regarding their pet policy and whether or not the community is pet friendly. Other hidden things you might find in your lease document include added fees for valet trash and requirements to participate in a community-wide cable and internet plan at a discounted rate.

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