I’ve heard all inclusive apartment renting can be a good deal. Can you explain exactly what it means and are there any UCF apartments that offer it?

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Boardwalk offers all-inclusive leases close to UCF.

UCF apartments are one of the best places in the Orlando area to find all inclusive apartment leases. All inclusive leases are a lot more common around colleges as they tend to cater to college kids who aren't looking to budget for multiple bills like water, electricity, and cable. However, what you have to keep in mind is that all inclusive doesn't mean the same thing in every UCF apartment complex. Sometimes all inclusive covers everything extra you could hope for, and sometimes it just covers things like electric, and trash removal.

It's important to remember that many all inclusive leases will include a "cap" on certain utilities such as water, or electricity. This means that should you go over a certain amount of water or electricity within a month; you'll have to pay a fee for that overage. These "caps" are in place to protect the UCF apartment complexes in case someone has their AC running full blast in the middle of a hot summer with all of the windows open, and a constant stream of music playing. They don't want to get stuck paying exorbitant fees. Make sure you don't either by reading your leasing agreement carefully before signing it to find out exactly where your services cap off.

To find out exactly what each UCF apartment offers in terms on all inclusivity head on over to 407apartments.com and click on the big green "find your apartment" button. Once you've navigated your way there on the left side of the page you'll find a bunch of filters to choose from. You're going to want to click on "show advanced filters" once you've hit that you'll find a category that says "internet, cable, and utilities." Go ahead and click on that, then you can begin choosing exactly what you want included in your monthly rent at your UCF apartment and it will do all the narrowing down for you!

All inclusive apartment renting can mean a lot of things. So most importantly decide what you want it to mean for your UCF apartment, then you can begin your search. If you want it to include electricity, water, cable, and trash removal you'll actually find that you can choose from 10 different UCF apartments that offer all of those services included in your lease.

UCF apartments are an excellent place to look for all inclusive apartments. Just remember that it's always important to consider what exactly you want out of your all inclusive lease. It's highly important that you remember that most apartments will cap your services at a certain point as well. All inclusive living can be a great choice whether you're a college student, first time apartment renter, or someone who just hates juggling multiple bills for their apartment.

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