My Orlando apartments do not have a fitness center. How can I set up a home gym?

While many Orlando apartments come equipped with a community gym or fitness center, there are a few that do not offer this amenity. You may not have the budget to pay your rent AND a gym membership for an offsite fitness center. If that is the case, there is no need to worry; you can create a home gym in your very own apartment and keep your fitness routine intact! This rings true even if your apartment is a bit on the smaller size – there are several tips that will have you set-up with a personal in-home gym in no time.

Apartments in Orlando with no community fitness center offer you the creativity to do it on your own. Before getting started, you will need to shop for a few essential fitness items. These items include a yoga mat, jump rope, one set of dumbbells (adjustable are preferable,) one set of resistance bands and a kettlebell. While you do not necessarily need ALL of the above, this is certainly a great place to start. You can go to any sporting goods store, like your neighborhood Dicks Sporting Goods or Academy Sports, to find this equipment. Those places are great if you are looking to buy your equipment brand new. If you are more on a budget and not looking to drop a significant amount of money on your new home gym equipment, you can always look to some gently used workout gear. Checking your local Craigslist or other marketplace apps may prove to be a god source of used workout equipment at awesome prices.

While setting up your home gym in Orlando apartments, you may be surprised to know that you do not really need a ton of space. You actually only need a space large enough for a yoga mat. This is great news for anyone living in a studio or one bedroom apartment with limited space. Your living room is also a great location for your at-home workout. The great part is, even if you have furniture like a coffee table or end tables, you can push those aside to make room for your sweat session. When you need your bedroom and living room back to normal, and it comes time to store your equipment, you should have plenty of options. One of your closets is always a good choice. If your closet is packed, try a storage coffee table or ottoman, bookshelf or kitchen cabinets.

When choosing apartments in Orlando, maybe you opted for a rather sizeable space with a little extra breathing room. If that is the case, and you have a bit of money to invest in exercise equipment, you may try purchasing a piece of cardio or strength training equipment. A treadmills or elliptical is a great choice, but will take up a large amount of space. This type of equipment will probably be best if you have a two or three bedroom apartment, with one of those rooms just being "extra space."

A way to make any Orlando apartments seem larger is to add mirrors to the walls. Mirrors can definitely make a small space appear larger than it really is. Mirrors also have a dual purpose; they can help you with your workout. Watching yourself while you work out really helps improve your form. If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of, be sure you check with your apartment's decorating policy. Some places may not allow the installation of mirrors on the wall, while others may allow it as long as you take them down and paint the walls before you vacate after your lease term.

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