What are some ways to decorate UCF apartments without breaking the bank?

As a struggling University of Central Florida student, it is only natural to want to save money on non-essential things, like decorating UCF apartments. However, for some of us, decorating our space will help make it feel more like home sweet home, which is just as important as new textbooks or a laptop computer. If you are on a budget and looking to spruce up your humble abode, whether it is a studio apartment or a multi-level townhome, there are so many options when it comes to finding inexpensive décor – you just have to know where to look!

Apartments near UCF can be fully decorated using dollar store finds. I am not joking! Check out your local dollar or discount store for some great, inexpensive items that will impress all of your guests with your decorating skills. One great way to snaz up any space is to add greenery. You can buy very cheap planters at your local discount store. Seeds or even full blooms can be purchased at any hardware or home and garden store – for almost next to nothing. These look great on a patio or balcony too.  Find plants that are easy to manage and grow. If you are like me and just do not have the green-thumb gene, you can opt for fake plants. These can also be found at your local dollar or discount store for a very small investment.

UCF apartments are a blank canvas when it comes to decorating. While discount shopping for some new décor, keep in mind that almost every piece you buy can be customized. Say you like the size and shape of a particular shelf, but it is not a color you would necessarily want in your living room. A can of spray paint is inexpensive and can do wonders when transforming décor pieces.

Apartments near UCF can benefit from both large and small storage options. Mason jars are a unique and affordable way to add a pop of color or storage to any room. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom. Baskets are also a very inexpensive way to keep clutter at bay. Stack them up to create a corner of storage or nail them to the wall to create a shelf-like container.

Frames from a thrift store are a great way to add color or dimensions to any room. You can even get them for a dollar a piece at discount stores! Spray paint them or keep them exactly how they are. Create a gallery wall and your friends will be impressed with your budget-savvy decorating skills.

If you are looking for fun décor and objects to decorate UCF apartments with, taking a weekend trip around local yard sales or flea markets may be just what you need. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. This can be a fun experience for friends too! Pile in a car and drive around, looking for hidden gems on every cul-de-sac. 

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