Are there any damage-free ways to decorate Full Sail apartments?

Decorating Full Sail University apartments may be on the top of your priority list upon moving in. However, it is very important to understand the rules and regulations of your apartment community's décor restrictions. Some communities may allow you to paint your walls any color of the rainbow while others forbid anything but the white walls you received upon moving in. Some communities may not even allow nail holes! It is easy to get discouraged at first, but there are actually a few ways you can make your space you rent your own without completely wrecking your new place – ensuring that you do, indeed, get your security deposit back at the culmination of your lease!

Adding temporary wallpaper in apartments near Full Sail is one way to give your new space a temporary new look. Show off your personal style with a funky design or embrace your artsy side with a unique print. Temporary wallpaper will invoke the biggest change to your boring, drab white walls. They will surely be a statement piece and will spark conversation amongst all of your visitors. It is also easy to apply and remove, leaving hardly any trace of damage to the walls. If you have high-ceilings, you may need to purchase or borrow a ladder to finish the job.

Do you have large pieces of art or photography that you would like to display in Full Sail apartments? Screwing an anchor into your wall may be the furthest thing from what your apartment community will allow when it comes to modifications. So instead of creating a huge hole or holes in the wall, why not use an easel to display your prized possession? This is a unique way to display your favorite pieces without causing any damage. There are so many types of easels on the market, so you can be sure to find one that fits your personal style.

You can do so much in apartments near Full Sail that does not require wall art. Maybe you have a great book collection or a nice display of photo albums. Rather than having these items collect dust on a bookshelf, stack them up to make a unique and very creative end table. Your books and albums are out for all of your visitors to see, and you have created some extra space on your bookshelf. It is a win-win!

Folding screens in Full Sail apartments can be used for much more than just separating rooms. Put one up against a blank wall to add a pop of color in an otherwise drab corner. You can find many different designs out there, or you can even paint your own. One of the best things about folding screens is that they are two-sided. This means you can paint or decorate each side different, thus giving you another option when you get tired of the first side.

Adding string lights in apartments near Full Sail adds a certain charm to your new space. While may people associate string lights with Christmas or college dorm rooms, they can add a statement to an otherwise boring area. Add these lights to the top of a shelf, a room divider or a mirror. They can help create a soothing, glowing ambiance, which is great for anyone to come home to at the end of the day.

Adding fake plants in Full Sail apartments can really help your space come alive with greenery. Not only do they add a special something to any room in your apartment, fake plants are also very easy to upkeep. Actually, there is no work that goes into them at all! Maybe a little dusting every now and then would not hurt.


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