Are there any farmer’s markets near UCF apartments?

While living in University of Central Florida apartments, you may feel the urge to find a local farmer's market to fulfill your need for locally sourced, fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and home wares. It is a great thing that Orlando has so many options when it comes to farmer's markets! All you have to do is do a little bit of pre-planning, grab your canvas bags and head out bright and early on a weekend morning – or even a weeknight!

The Orlando Farmer's Market is located in the heart of the city, near Downtown and near many apartments near UCF. Situated near Lake Eola, this local market features fresh produce, bright flowers and local art. This is one of the more well-known farmer's markets in the area and is very popular on Sunday mornings.

The Winter Park Farmer's Market is located in none other than…Winter Park! UCF apartments are within a fairly short distance to this area of Orlando, and is worth the drive for residents who have yet to experience this awesome little destination. Located in the heart of the Park Avenue shopping area, this farmer's market sets up every Saturday morning. You can't go wrong with all of the fresh veggies, fruits, baked goods – even meats and cheeses! Food trucks are known to show up as well, so you can shop and dine all within the market!

The City of Maitland Farmers Market at Lake Lily Park takes place on Sunday mornings. Apartments near UCF aren't too far from all of the fresh produce, baked goods, local dairy and meats that this particular farmer's market has to offer. This farmer's market even has pet treats! Bring along your furry friend for a fun Sunday morning stroll through the market.

The Winter Garden Downtown Farmers Market is a bit of a drive from UCF apartments but is worth it to check out this cozy little corner of Orlando. This particular market is dog-friendly too. Fresh flowers, great produce and many local offerings are a mainstay at this location.

If you're living in UCF apartments and your schedule does not allow you to make it to a farmer's market on a weekend morning, do not fret; there are choices who would like to shop local and fresh during the week too! Audubon Park Community Market, located near Winter Park, runs Monday evenings. With all-local produce, pet treats, local honey and vegan fare, this is quite the location on a Monday night. You may even be able to catch a live musical act or two! Edgewood Farmer's Market, located south of Downtown, opens up shop on Thursday evenings. Besides the produce and baked goods, they also offer up jams, preserves and a wide array of food trucks. Mills 50 Community Market is also open on Tuesday evenings, and stay open well after residents are able to get off of work. Talk about convenience! Besides the usual produce and baked goods, Mills 50 offers arts and crafts, ice cream and local dairy too. 

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