I'm an avid golfer. Are there any Orlando apartments where I can practice my game?

Orlando is a golf lover's dream town. There are gorgeous and challenging courses everywhere you turn. For avid golfers who want to bring the game home with them, two Orlando apartments offer their residents putting greens just a quick walk away from their front door. This gives residents a convenient place to practice their putting game, without having to drive all the way to the golf course.

The first option for golfers is University House Central Florida. University House is located just down the street from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. If you're a young golfer, this may be the place for you. UH's putting green is located outside near the pool. The green is made of synthetic grass and has about four holes for practicing different putts. The only drawback is that it's a bit narrow, limiting the variations of lines for longer putts. University House in Orlando also offers amenities, like: a pool with cabanas, internet bar, clubroom, and 24-hour fitness center. The proximity to UCF definitely makes UH a college student community.

Although not exactly Orlando (Fruitland Park, FL near Leesburg), Spring Lake Cove is a great place for avid golfers to live and still be within arm's reach of O-Town. Spring Lake Cove also has an outdoor putting green that is nestled in the middle of a beautifully manicured lawn. What's great about this putting green is its authenticity. The green is surrounded by slightly taller grass and dotted with a few rocks, just like what  you may see on an actual course. The green also has a few different holes, so you can practice various lines and lengths - perfect for simulating on-the-course putts. But Spring Lake Cove is not just about golf, it has a huge selection of other great features, like: a business center, fitness center, pool with sun deck, picnic area and a walking trail. Spring Lake Cove is definitely a different vibe than University House. While college kids flock to UH, Spring Lake Cove caters to a much older crowd. It also offers designated 2-bedroom senior cottages.

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