I’m moving into an apartment near Full Sail University at the next year. I want to reorganize my things so my new place is less cluttered. Any tips?

The New Year is a great time to reorganize before moving into your apartment near Full Sail. Moving in general is a great time to consider the amount of clutter in your current space, how to utilize new space you may acquire, and how to repurpose space you know you will have.

Getting Rid of Apartment Clutter

As we move along through the holiday season, reorganizing your apartment is a great time to reevaluate the need for some of your belongings. Go through each of the major rooms in your apartment such as your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom and closet and decide what you should keep and what can go. You can put clothing, dishes, movies, and even some pieces of furniture into categories labeled "stay" and "go" and from there decide a course of action for the "go" pile. You can choose to sell some of the belongings for extra cash, or there are places you can donate gently used items so that someone who needs them can have a happy holiday without having to spend too much money. Both options help you to free up some space before you move into your Full Sail area apartment.

Utilizing New Space

One tip for someone who is moving and is used to acquiring clutter is to get an 2 bedroom apartment and use the second bedroom for storage. There are plenty of 2 bedroom apartments near Full Sail. If it is in your budget, an extra bedroom is great for utilizing new space. People who work at home often have office materials cramped into their bedroom or living room spaces, an extra bedroom could provide space for an in home office. You can actually work at a desk instead of in your bed or on your couch. If office space isn't what you need, an extra room is also great for extra clothing storage, vanity space if you are into hair and makeup and have too much for a bathroom or bedroom closet, an exercise room, a meditation room, an in-home library, and many other options. The possibilities are endless when you have more space!

Another add on to consider is garage space. Garage space is often an extra expense, but if you can afford it, having a private garage gives you extra space to store larger items like large boxes, furniture you might not be using just yet, seasonal décor or clothing and even luggage.

Repurposing Old Space

Having extra closets in your apartment near Full Sail is a huge help as well. Whether it's a walk in closet in your bedroom or a hallway linen closet, closet space is ideal for organizing. Storage bins are perfect for maximizing closet space. We all have clothes we rotate in and out of our wardrobes based on the seasons. Putting those clothes in storage bins so they aren't crowding your closet space is helpful. My favorite storage method is vacuum sealable bags. Folding my clothes into the bags and vacuuming the air out makes it perfect for sliding under my bed or stacking in the top of my closet so they are out of the way.

Whether you take a day during the weekend to get all of your packing and organizing out of the way at once or you decide to break it up over time, reorganizing is a great idea before you move into your new apartment near Full Sail. It's great to go into a new year with a new and reorganized living space. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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