Where can I grab a great cup of coffee near Orlando apartments that’s not from a chain?

If you're a caffeine addict, you're in luck because there are a number of unique coffee places located down the road from apartments in Orlando. Most of us cannot function in the morning without our ritualistic cup of joe. I get it, coffee is life and many people are opting for the locally owned coffee shops over the big, name brand establishments.

Not only does Stardust Video and Coffee stand out as one of the best coffee shops near Orlando apartments, it has a bit of history behind it too! Situated where Winter Park meets the Orlando limits, this locale started out as a video store – does anyone remember VHS tapes? It has since grown into an eclectic hangout for people of all backgrounds and ages. Old books and memoirs from the video store line the walls and shelves. Grab your favorite hipster beanie, a good friend to debate life's issues with and you have yourself a perfect Saturday morning coffee date! (Hipster beanie not required.)

Lineage Coffee Roasting is tucked not too far away from Stardust, in a little corner of the East End Market near Orlando apartments. This is more of your serious coffee shop, which roasts and grinds their own beans to create the absolute perfect cup. They also specialize in their house-bottled cold brew, which is perfect on a typical hot Orlando summer day.

On the entire other side of the city in Winter Garden sits Axum Coffee. Named after a city in Ethiopia, this coffee shop is more charitable in nature – it's mission is to change the world, one coffee cup at a time. All of the profits made at Axum go towards charities helping impoverished countries around our globe. If you're humanitarian side needs a boost as well as your energy, this coffee shop may be the perfect spot for you while living in apartments in Orlando.

If your morning commute ends in Downtown Orlando, be sure to check out Downtown Credo before starting your long work day. It has a very comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and has actually opened up satellite locations at Florida Hospital and Church Street. They also believe in giving back, with their donation pricing allowing visitors to give back to programs in the local Orlando community. Not a bad way to spend money on coffee while living in Orlando apartments, if I do say so myself!


If the apartments in Orlando that you're residing in are a little further north, you can find a great local coffee shop right in the middle of Lake Mary. Cozee Café sits in Colonial TownPark and is a great little getaway from life in the ‘burbs. Their coffee goes great with any selection of flatbreads or bakery items they created that day. Outdoor seating allows you to sit outside and enjoy the views. You can even bring along your furry friend to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. 

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