I am a travel nurse looking for a temporary living space. Any suggestions for apartments in the Orlando Area?

Orlando apartments are home to many traveling professionals. For those of us who have careers that require travel, it's almost second nature to think of a hotel. However, there are some professions, like travel nurses, government and military, construction etc. that require traveling for longer periods of time. These professions sometimes require travel for months at a time. Spending months' worth of money on a hotel stay can get quite pricey. A different living arrangement to consider is corporate housing.

Corporate housing is a temporary apartment, usually allowing month to month payment instead of being confined to a lease. If you are traveling for longer periods of time, a corporate Orlando apartment might be the best option for you.

Save Money

Hotel costs are nothing to sneeze at when staying for longer than a few days. The daily rates fluctuate and you are still not afforded many amenities. Corporate apartments in Orlando, on the other hand, can save you money. Seeking a corporate apartment in the Orlando area, usually allows you month-to-month payments with utilities included. You could be paying the cost of rent, utilities, cable and even Wi-Fi for a flat rate.

Eating Well

Extended hotel stay costs also bring other costs. Most hotel rooms are not equipped with full kitchens. Not having a place to cook or store food creates a need to purchase almost every meal. Spending money each time you need to eat is a costly inconvenience. In addition to the cost of food, eating out frequently often encourages us to eat things that are unhealthy. In a corporate apartment, you have a fully functioning kitchen with appliances, pots, pans, dishes etc. This way, you are able to purchase groceries, store them in your cabinets and refrigerator, and cook your meals daily.  

Fully Furnished

Lastly, unless you are staying in a pretty expensive hotel, most hotels include limited amounts of furniture. Corporate apartments are fully furnished and can even have multiple rooms available. You can travel with more of your clothing because you'll have a full bedroom suite with a closet to store your belongings. You will likely have more storage space than you would in a hotel to store luggage or any boxes you may need to bring with you as well.

When you constantly travel for work, your living arrangements can make a world of difference. Living in hotels for longer than a few days at a time can become costly, in more ways than one, and are also quite impersonal. While you're searching for accommodations in the Orlando area, be sure to consider corporate housing and feel at home.

For more information and researched findings, check out this article by the CPHA on the value of corporate housing.

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