Are there any fresh food markets near UCF?

While there are plenty of ways to discover and eat health foods, the popular trend of farmers markets and whole foods have wildly spread its way to University campuses alike. Unfortunately, the University of Central Florida does not have a whole foods on its beautiful campus. However, there are places near UCF apartments that are a short drive from a health food market. Although the university area is located near the University Park area, there is a Whole Foods Market in Winter Park right off of Aloma Avenue. This is probably your best bet when looking for a whole foods place that is closest to campus. This market offers take out foods, vitamins, supplements and your typical fresh produce and organic foods. There is another whole foods a distance away from campus life down near the Doctor Phillips area. However, you can easily jump on Interstate 4 to get to this area, which may make the distance more convenient. If you are looking for a convenient farmers market, there is one right one campus in the knights plaza! This market is surrounded by restaurants and a movie theatre so you can shop and enjoy a great night out at the same time!

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