Can I live downtown while attending Full Sail?

Full Sail apartments are located in the Winter Park area of Orlando. However, a trip to downtown Orlando is nearly nine miles. That being said, you can certainly expect to travel to and from home in nearly ten minutes, given there is no traffic! Considering that Full Sail does not have dormitories on campus, living near or just outside campus may be cheaper in comparison to Down Town living. The majority of University of Central Florida and Full Sail students tend to inhabit the area surrounded the campus which makes the housing in that area much more attractive in regards to affordable student living. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to find a new living space that is comparable to the prices in Winter Park. The best way to begin looking for a place downtown, is to start by using our map on our search guide! Select the downtown area and how much you would prefer to pay a month in rent. Our search tools will pull a list of possible living communities that fit your criteria. You can begin narrowing it down from there.

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