Are there any affordable apartments downtown?

Just as in any city, the downtown area has communities that will range in prices. Depending on where you would like to live in the down town area, you will have the option to live in a luxury, deluxe or even cheaper living units. Looking to live near major roadways, hoping to stay next to work, or even wanting to taste a city living life are all perfect reason to look for apartments in Orlando in the downtown area. Downtown Orlando is in the center of nearly ten public schools in addition to its Universities, Full Said and Central Florida. A short distance away from Disney, downtown Orlando distances itself from the tourist feel of the town. Most of these downtown living communities, are upgraded and newly built. For around eight hundred a month, you can expect a one bedroom to be in the center of entertainment, have gated access, laundry facilities on site and pet friendly! However, depending on what your budget may be, you may be able to find something more affordable and comforting. Do not feel obligated to spend over your comfort zone. There are plenty places to live in Orlando and you will surely find the best home for you!

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