Where is the UCF football stadium? I want to live near it.

The University of Central Florida Knights have proudly called the Brighthouse Networks Stadium their competitive home in 2006. Led by head coach, George O’Leary, the knights have played in four bowl games making their athletic program a driving success! The Brighthouse Networks Stadium is located right in the heart of the University Central Florida’s main campus! This means, this glorified football stadium is right near UCF apartments! If you are looking to live within walking distance of the UCF stadium, I would highly recommend looking for a place on campus. This will make game day more fun and convenient! You will not have to look for a parking spot and you will be in the center of the tailgaiting event! Student housing will allow you to enjoy the game day pride, meet new friends, and have a birds shot view of the stadium at all times! However, if you are stuck on the idea of living off campus, you can still find a living community right near the stadium. Any complex near University park will be ideal when looking to stay a walking distance from campus.

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