Can I find semester leases while attending Full Sail?

All Full Sail apartments come in a variety of preferences in order to accommodate to their students’ needs. Whether you are looking for a luxury pad or a short-term lease, we can definitely help you find your new perfect home! Most living communities traditionally offer yearly lease with the option for your to renew your lease once a year has passed. However, with the increasing popularity of students to the Orlando area, the common lease standards have become modernized to include nine month and six month leases. These shorter leases are perfect for students who wish to travel back home for the summer or are not certain if they will be staying at their school for longer than a semester. In order to start your search, you can begin with just selecting the lease option on our search tools! You can select your lease length by month. For each length, a list of apartments will populate on the screen. You can then choose from that group to determine which living unit is best for you! It is as easy as a few clicks!

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