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I just moved into my apartment in Orlando and I have a maintenance issue (leaking ceiling)! What do I do?

While this is not the best way to christen your Orlando apartment, this does give you the chance to see one of the huge benefits of choosing to live in an Orlando apartment as opposed to buying a house or condo in Orlando. First, protect anything in the immediate area – move it out of the way or cover it with plastic. You may also want to put a bucket under the leak to help contain the leak (your downstairs neighbor will be very happy you did this). Now for the best part –call your Orlando apartment staff personnel – maintenance problems are the apartment’s problem to fix! If maintenance emergency occurs after the front office closes there should be a 24-hour number to call for service emergencies.

If anything that your personally own was damaged you will want to document it (written and pictures) and get a rough total for the amount of the damage. The insurance each apartment in Orlando has is different so see if the apartment owner’s insurance covers something caused by a structural failure (like a leaking pipe). If not your renters insurance should cover the damage – you do have renters insurance for your Orlando apartment, right? If not, now is the perfect time to check out or Orlando Apartment Renters Insurance article to learn more. Finally make sure that you keep an open line of communication with your Orlando apartment staff personnel. This is particularly important for repairs that take more than a day to complete. Most Orlando apartment staff are dedicated to getting your apartment repair fixed as soon as possible and active communication with apartment staff will help ensure that your repair is not get delayed.