What are some ways to avoid the flu this season in Orlando apartments?

Coughs, sneezes, and runny noses are all symptoms that flu season has arrived and is in full effect. The worst thing about the flu is that it can leave you bedridden in your Orlando apartment with nothing but tissues and cough medicine. It is tough to avoid the flu as it spreads like wildfire. However, preparation is the key to remaining healthy. Here are some ways to combat the fast-spreading illness this fall. 

Flu Shot 

Get your flu shot, seriously. A flu shot is an essential part of avoiding sickness. It is your armor as you head into battle at your workplace and face that one sick colleague. Publix, Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, and Walmart all offer great prices for flu shots. Be sure to look at their deals before scheduling an appointment.  

Other alternatives are to take some vitamin c, such as Emergen-C or Airborne, the moment you feel congested. This will increase your vitamin c levels and help fight off any flu-like symptoms that are silently creeping on you. 

Be Aware of Germs in Shared Spaces at your Orlando Apartment Community

Living in an apartment in Orlando with shared amenities, you have a few additional opportunities for exposure to germs. During flu season, you should be aware and take extra precautions in spaces that are used by multiple people such as fitness centers, elevators, and the community clubhouse. You should also think twice about shared door handles like the door to your building if you and your neighbors share a hall and the gate to the dog park. 

Wash everything: 

A common way of spreading the flu is by touching your mouth, eyes, and nose after being in contact with germs. Frequently washing your hands can prevent the bacteria from entering your body, but it doesn't have to stop there. Remember to wash your sheets and clothes more frequently to prevent germs from building up. Having a clean environment always helps prevents sickness.  

If you have pets, be sure to vacuum pet hairs as well as built-up dust. Invest in Lysol spray to disinfect and keep a fresh, germ-free environment at home.  

Things to keep in handy:  

If you are worried, you're getting sick, invest in some cough drops to carry around in case you ever feel a cough attack coming in strong. If you're anything like me, you always carry hand sanitizer. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy or anything with an overbearing smell, though it never hurts to go to Bath and Body Works at the Orlando outlets.

Keep packs of tissues in your bag or in your Orlando apartment to prevent sneezing into your arm.

Rest and eat well 

Often our bodies tend to work less when we aren't our healthiest mentally, and without proper sleep, you're letting your guard down. Getting sleep will ensure that your body is working to its fullest extent to fight off germs entering your body. Nutrition is essential as well when it comes to avoiding the flu, as fast foods can often make you tired and slow you down.  

Now that it is finally sweater weather, make some soup in your apartment to keep warm and be sure to add as many vegetables and roots as possible to provide nutrition.  

The flu is sometimes inevitable. The battle can be lost and results in a day or two off from work.  If you have started getting symptoms of the flu, cuddle up in your bedroom and eat some warm soup. Additionally, be sure to check out the Center for Disease Control's quick guide to flu season.

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