Best Study Spots Around UCF Campus

Between loud roommates, energetic pets, and the distraction of your cozy bed, it can be hard to study in the comfort of your apartment. Heading to the UCF libraries is a good option, but maybe you don't want the hassle of parking on campus. Here are some great off-campus study options that will be sure to get you the grades you want this semester.  

Your Apartment's Clubhouse

Don't worry about hopping in your car – just head to your apartment's clubhouse! Inside, you'll find private study rooms that will provide that quiet atmosphere you're looking for. They may have whiteboards to help with math equations, or comfy bean bag chairs to take the edge off. Take advantage of your amenities and try a study room!
Apartment Club House Study Rooms

A Coffee Shop

Anywhere that there's coffee is probably a good place to study, especially when you need to stay fueled for that grueling final's week. Coffee shops offer a welcoming environment for collaborative studying and is an easy way to get a big group to commit to meeting at a central location (especially when they get an added bonus of getting caffeine running through them). If you are the type of person who doesn't like studying in quiet conditions, a bubbling coffee shop is just what you need. The music, aroma, and floating conversations will be just the motivation you need to tackle that study material. Here are the ones we recommend.
  • Starbucks
    • Starbucks is a classic study spot when you don't want the hassle of an unfamiliar menu. Whether you want a cool indoor spot or the sunny outdoor patio, grab your signature drink and get studying.
  • Foxtail
    • Foxtail has multiple great locations, with one on the edge of UCF's campus and in the bookstore. The vibe is modern farmhouse with a warmly lit seating area, perfect for a quiet morning or cozy evening. Their coffee is brewed locally, so buying their coffee is helping a local business. If you just need coffee on the go, they've got a great drive-through selection.
  • Duo 58
    • Duo 58 is a student favorite. It features both cozy couches and tables to sit at. It's the perfect atmosphere to get work done by yourself or with a study group. The food is as warm and inviting as the decor.
  • Lineage Coffee
    • If you want something near the heart of Orlando, try Lineage. It combines city atmosphere with cool wall art, providing the perfect spot to work on a creative project. Let the city inspire you as you enjoy a coffee that's almost too pretty to drink.
  • Austin's Coffee
    • Austin's is great if you want to turn a day of studying into a night of entertainment. Come for the organic coffee and funky decor and stay for the open mic poetry, music, and standup. Who said studying couldn't be fun?
Coffee Shop

Off-Campus Libraries 

The Hiawassee Branch Library on Colonial is a great option if you love a library setting but don't want to drive to campus. This option tends to be quieter than an on-campus library, so be respectful to those around you.

For a library closer to campus, try the Seminole County Public Library or the Little Library in Oviedo. There may not be late-night options, but you can be sure to find a comfortable spot to get some good studying done. They're also perfect for final's week, when the on-campus libraries tend to fill up.


Sometimes the hardest part about committing to studying is seeing how beautiful it is outdoors… who wants to study when they could be out in the sun? Well, studying at a park gives you the best of both worlds and there are some phenomenal trials at UCF.

If you enjoy studying by the water, Blanchard Park is just a short drive from UCF's campus and offers a wildly different atmosphere than a library or coffee shop. Cozy up in a hammock, picnic blanket, or the cool grass and enjoy the breeze while you read. Or take your dog with you to Downey Park. They can run out their energy in the fenced-in dog park while you catch up on homework. There's nothing like fresh air to clear your head during midterms.

After a day of classes on campus, explore what else Orlando has to offer. Being a student with the responsibility of studying, does not mean you must limit your journey as a young ad


ult who desires new experiences. Orlando, The City 

Beautiful, offers an endless list of activities for you to explore during your time at UCF and you can find the perfect place to study all while soaking up the surrounding culture! From the beautiful parks to the artsy coffee shops, you're sure to find a study spot that fits your mood.


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