What Cheap or Free Things Can I Do Around UCF, On and Off Campus?

Fun Things to Do on the University of Central Florida Campus

Check out this list of 10 Cheap Fun Things To Do Around UCF written by a former University of Central Florida student, Gage. Hopefully you can learn from his experience and try some of these activities on a budget right on campus, often free with an active student ID. Making memories is what college is for, aside from good grades and gearing up for your future of course. The blogger recommends stargazing at Robinson Observatory, grabbing a bit of unforgettable pizza at Firkin and Kegler, or renting puppies for the day at the main campus. If you're looking for more active activities, you can rock-climb UCF's RWC, kayaking on UCF's campus at Lake Claire, or attend Spirit Splash during homecoming to experience one of the best traditions of the year.

If you want help budgeting for the cheap options mentioned above, a tip would be to double-check to make sure your new apartment complex is one of 22 off-campus apartments that is connected to the UCF shuttle. The shuttle allows timely and convenient transportation around campus and to-and-from numerous off-campus apartments. You can even download the mobile app to keep track of the schedules and shuttle stops. Taking the shuttle will help you cut costs since you don't have to pay for gas, car insurance or parking. Start by looking through this list of apartments near UCF and narrow down your choices by cross-referencing  your favorite destinations.

Fun Things to Do Around the University of Central Florida

Central Florida is a busy place since it's near world-renowned theme parks, located in the middle of a bustling city, near beaches and parks. I'm sure you'll want to explore and familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood, but you might be on a limited, college budget so refer to this list of 10 Free Things To Do Around UCF from Society19! Some of the top shopping and walkable attractions include Winter Park, Disney Springs and Universal City Walk where you can people watch, window shop, or just take in the sights of all the beautiful colors and animations. More nature-filled experiences include strolling through the Sunday farmer's market at Lake Eola, visiting greenhouses at Florida Cactus Inc and spending a calming day at Lukas nursery. Hit up Cocoa Beach if you are more interested in soaking up the Florida sunshine and relaxing on the clean sand with a good book or group of friends.

Another costless outdoorsy option would be to live in a community that includes nature trails. Easily access the woods right off the main roads and trails lined with trees to get away from the sounds and bright lights of the city. Soak in nature's offerings like fresh air and some wildlife consisting of various birds, turtles and more. These trails are safely marked and, in some instances, paved for easier terrain. Make sure to take your camera because you're sure to get some great photos along the way.

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