When my friends visit my UCF apartment, how do I take them on the most epic Disney Parks tour?

"With great power comes great responsibility," certainly applied to Spider-Man, and it applies to students in UCF apartments as well. Here you are, living, working, and crushing your classes at the University of Central Florida in the theme park capital of the world! When your friends visit, they will undoubtedly want to go on as many roller coasters and rides as possible. This might be an easy feat with one or two friends visiting, but if you have your four bedroom apartment to yourself for the weekend, you could have a lot of people on your hands!

Fortunately, Walt Disney World may be just down the street (that street being I-4) and you would have no shortage of things to do inside the resort area. To fit most of Disney Parks into one day, you'll need to plan times and Fastpasses very specifically; you will have to plan your Fastpasses a few months in advance, but it is worth it. Here's my expert opinion.

Early Bird Gets The "Flight of Passage" Fastpass!

Based on the University of Central Florida's location, I recommend parking at the Transportation and Ticket Center for the least problems getting home. If your UCF apartment is closer to Universal, then I suggest parking at Disney Springs around 7:30 and catching a bus to Animal Kingdom from there in time for Flight.

Right off the bat, you'll have to make fastpasses for your friends. I would highly suggest booking Flight of Passage first, at 8:00am when Animal Kingdom opens. We'll get to the other Fastpasses later, but for right now, let's focus on Animal Kingdom.

After Flight of Passage, you will want to head to the opposite side of the park, Asia, where you should hop on Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids. After those, it's time to go. Animal Kingdom has a lot of great, unique experiences to offer that the other parks can't house. On the flip side, your friends came to get some thrills, and Disney's Animal Kingdom has the least coasters of any of the Orlando parks.

Lights, Camera, Wait Times!

Next, you'll want to head over to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Assuming you faced minimal wait times at AK (it is not most people's first destination), you should be entering Hollywood Studios at around 10:00am. By now, wait times have swelled in Galaxy's Edge, which is okay because you have a 10:30 Fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash. Your Fastpass is reserved for one hour, so if lines aren't too long, you could probably squeeze Tower of Terror or Rockin Roller Coaster in before time's up.

After Slinky, go back and ride whichever one you didn't last time. After that, it's time for your 12pm Fastpass for Rise of the Resistance. Now that you're in Galaxy's Edge around lunchtime, you should enjoy some of the local eats. I suggest taking them to-go and booking it to Disney's Skyliner, which will take your crew over to Epcot's World Showcase.

Gotta Fly!

On your way over to Rise of the Resistance, I highly suggest setting some Fastpasses for EPCOT's Soarin'. Once you arrive at the World Showcase, take a left and journey all the way past Canada and into The Land. After Soarin', you should head to the front of the park to the Monorail. Epcot overall has slower, less intense rides than the other parks, which leaves plenty of time for your friends to enjoy at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The Grand Finale

After hopping off the Monorail, head over to the castle. On your left, you may choose between Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash and Big Thunder Mountains, and The Haunted Mansion. On your right, your options are Space Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Since you'll likely be arriving at the park around 2:00pm, either route would ultimately end in arriving at the castle at around the same time (I've tested it), so it's up to you which way you go first. However, for the purposes of planning Fastpasses, I would suggest starting on the left (which leads to Adventureland) so you can keep checking for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train reservations. It is currently the most popular ride at the park, so you'll need to keep a close eye on it to save a spot.

At the end of the day, you will find yourself in front of the castle. The Happily Ever After fireworks show will knock your socks off, you will wait another hour to get back to your car, and you'll laugh and reminisce about the day with your friends on the way home to your apartment near UCF. You can only save your first three Fastpasses ahead of your visit; the rest will have to be improvised throughout the day. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the parks before your friends visit so you can see for yourself!

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