When my friends visit my Full Sail apartment, how do I take them on the most epic Universal and SeaWorld tour?

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Big fan of water and whales? Consider an apartment near SeaWorld!

"With great power comes great responsibility," certainly applied to Spider-Man, and it applies to students in Full Sail apartments as well. Here you are, living, working, and going to school in the theme park capital of the world! When your friends visit, they will undoubtedly want to go on as many roller coasters and rides as possible.

Although Disney might be down the street, Walt Disney World offers too much to be squeezed into a day with Universal and SeaWorld, so for the purposes of this article, you and your friends will only cover three parks instead of seven before we send you back to your Full Sail apartment to rest your feet!

Start with SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando has three must-do roller coasters: Mako, Kraken, and Manta. Because the other two parks we'll be covering today are connected to each other, it's always best to start with SeaWorld. If you live downtown, it might be just a skip and a hop away! Wait times at SeaWorld are not as much of a worry as they are at the other Orlando parks, so it doesn't really matter which order you ride in.

Onto Adventure!

After Seaworld comes Islands of Adventure. You'll want to rush over to The Incredible Hulk as fast as possible. This will probably be one of the most brutal wait times you face today, but that's okay. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, park capacity has drastically decreased, meaning wait times have as well. You likely won't wait more than twenty minutes, which is a steal compared to what wait times were a year ago!

After Hulk, head on over to Toon Lagoon. The two rides in this area will get you soaked, which is just impractical for a day of walking. Instead, pop out the other end at Skull Island: Reign of Kong. This is a ride you don't want to miss. What's more is you'll exit Kong and be greeted by Jurassic Park. Though you will likely get wet, if you sit in the back half of the boat, you will probably not get soaked. However, if you don't want to run the risk, then it's time for the train!

Men In Black, Mummies, and Muggles!

There's a lot to do in Hogsmeade, but since your friends probably want to stick to the coasters, it's best just to hop on the train once you get there. This will take you to Diagon Alley, which is another fun place that we don't have time for. Most Orlando parks enthusiasts will recommend taking a right and heading to The Mummy, Transformers, and Rip Ride Rockit, mostly for the purpose of wait times. I disagree.

You should take a left and ride Men In Black. An older ride, Men In Black and The Simpsons don't attract many guests as the other side of the park does, making them easy to check off. After The Simpsons, you've gotta ride E.T. This is not only the oldest ride at Universal, but it also smells incredible. The air smells like cotton candy, for an unexplained reason, which makes up for the slower pace.

After E.T., I recommend hitting Rip Ride Rockit as many times as you can. The "single riders" line is a great alternative if you lack Express passes, as long as you don't mind your party being split up. Fun Fact: in addition to the songs featured on the menu, there are hundreds of different codes you can enter to play unfeatured songs.

The Mummy is the last exciting coaster Universal has to offer. By the time you've reached this ride, the sun will be down, the Cinematic Celebration will be starting, and you will have conquered the best of three epic Orlando theme parks! If you think you'll frequent Universal, consider finding a Full Sail apartment so you can be close to the action.

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