Any tips for spring cleaning my UCF apartment?

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The sun shines for longer, the green pollen dust over cars, and allergies plug our noses. Spring officially has arrived. After a year of much-focused cleaning and sanitizing, spring cleaning takes on a new task this spring. Deep cleaning your UCF student apartment can be quite the task, as most colleges fear the army of dust bunnies that live behind their couch. 

Cleaning and sanitizing 

After dealing with COVID-19 for a year, one might be pretty sick of hearing the words ‘clean' and ‘sanitize.' However, spring cleaning will take a little more than a sweep and duster. Clorox wipes and all-purpose cleaners will be your best friend in the kitchen. Make sure to clean out your fridge and wipe down any spills and sticky spots that accumulate over time. Throw out the 2-week old pasta sitting in your Tupperware and reorganize everything. Your floor will need extra attention, too, to really get into the spring cleaning. Pay attention to your floor type and buy cleaning products that cater to it. For example, if you have wooden floors, wood cleaners do a great job of bringing back that shine. Many student apartments tend to have vinyl or tile floors, so remember to research which floor cleaner is best for your floor. 

A crucial part of deep cleaning your UCF apartment is getting to the nitty-gritty corners of your room. Make sure to dust your doorframe as it can harbor lots of spider webs and dust. Look behind couches, bed frames, and furniture to fully clean your apartment. Spring cleaning takes some elbow grease, but the result is always rewarding. For more deep cleaning tips for college apartments, make sure to read this UCribs blog about how to clean your apartment. 

Let Marie Kondo be your guide 

Whether you live in a small floor plan like one-bedroom apartments near UCF or a larger four-bedroom layout, decluttering is a large part of spring cleaning traditions. It's time to cover the problem areas of your pantry, closet, bedroom, and bathroom. Sort your clothes and reorganize your closet to ensure that your fun, summery outfits are at hand. Stowaway your jackets, beanies, scarves, and long sleeves as those cold breezy mornings are coming to an end. Donate your old clothes and perhaps treat yourself to a thrifting spree while you're at it. Clear your desk and recycle all the study guide printouts and scratch paper from your exams that you chose to forget. Let Marie Kondo be your guide to letting go of items that need to be thrown away, like that little bit of your favorite candle that you refuse to light. 

Rearrange and redecorate

Once you have cleansed your UCF apartment, it's time to mess with the feng shui of your apartment. Speak with your roommates about redecorating and rearranging your living space to ready it for spring. Try buying flowers, placing them on a vase, and decorating your apartment with some fresh floral scent. Or, if you can't succumb to a plant's responsibilities, you can always opt-out for a fake decorative plant. Now that your apartment appears brand new, you might want to buy a new throw pillow that welcomes spring. 

Now that you've spent your entire day smelling Clorox wipes and floor cleaners, it's time to focus on yourself. Light up that new Bath and Body Works candle, put on a facemask, and enjoy your freshly cleaned apartment. Applaud yourself on the back because not many college students remember to take part in spring cleaning.

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