Any tips for organizing my new Orlando apartment kitchen?

As you are moving into your new apartment in Orlando you may be wondering the best way to organize your new kitchen. Or maybe you've been in your apartment for a while and looking to reorganize and purge the items you no longer need. No matter your circumstance, we put together a list of tips to get you started below.

Your kitchen's organization will depend on your kitchen layout and how much you will use your kitchen. Yes, even if you plan only to utilize the microwave to heat up your favorite flavor hot pocket (no judgment here), a good, organized kitchen will help you enjoy your Orlando apartment more and make your life easier. 

Some items you may have in your apartment kitchen include a set of plates, bowls, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and maybe baking sheets. The items you plan to use the most you will want to make sure they are easily accessible, and around the area, you will use them the most. Glassware near the refrigerator, cooking utensils near the stove, etc. Utilize all your countertop or kitchen island space effectively, and you could purchase a container to hold your cooking utensils on the counter to make them easier to grab when needed, store cooking tools such as a toaster or coffee maker on the counter, and store less used items such as a mixer or blender away in a cabinet.

Containers are your kitchen's best friend. Containers can be purchased inexpensively from any store such as Target or Walmart. You can use them in your cabinets to store small items, in your pantry for canned goods, snacks, and more, or in your refrigerator to keep everything organized. You may want to get rid of the bulky packaging and store items in decorative or more functional containers, which can save space and gives your pantry or cabinets a more cohesive look. 

If you are short on space and have a small kitchen make sure you use all your available space, including the back of the pantry door, sides of cabinets, above cabinets. In between your refrigerator and cabinet makes a great storage spot for a broom and dustpan. You may also want to purchase a rolling cart to store items that you use frequently or move some of your items in the laundry room, linen closet, or any available space in any room. Add hooks throughout to store often used items and keep things off the counter. Command hooks are a great option that are not permanent and prevent putting holes in your cabinets or walls.

If you share your apartment with roommates, your organization plan may look a little different. Each roommate may want a separate cabinet and then a communal cabinet that includes dish soap, dishwasher detergent that everyone can chip in to purchase and replenish when running low. The same can be done with the refrigerator and kitchen pantry. Maybe each roommate gets a shelf that you can label for your food. Containers are handy in the kitchen with or without roommates. You can store spices, canned food, and other items in an organized way and label them with your name or type of things in the container.

We hope this list of organizational tips for your Orlando apartment kitchen helps you get started and helps you enjoy apartment thoroughly!

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