The cool weather will soon be gone to make way for spring. What are some tips and tricks for spring cleaning my apartment?

The words spring cleaning may make you cringe, but cleaning doesn't always have to be as massive of a chore as it may seem. In fact, it can even be fun if you let it. Open the windows, let some fresh air in, and get some good tunes playing throughout the house – the perfect way to get the mood set for an afternoon of cleaning. Tidying up your Orlando apartment can be a good way to destress, unwind and relax. Plus, you can't beat the feeling of satisfaction when you get to come home a clean apartment.

Getting Rid of the Dust Bunnies

You would be surprised at how quickly the dust piles up in your Orlando apartment. It's time to get the dust out of those nooks and crannies you might have forgotten about. A good place to start is with the high ceilings. A perfect tool for this is a duster that has an extension meant for getting those hard to reach spaces. Make sure not to forget about those fan blades, you would be surprised at how much gook accumulates there. Now would be a good time to move onto your tables, countertops or any other surface where the dust from up high might have settled. Once you have worked your way from the top all the way to the bottom, it's time to bust out the vacuum! Those pesky dust bunnies might be lurking behind your couch, under your computer desk or in the corner behind the door. Focusing on one room at a time as opposed to the whole apartment can make it seem like an easier feat.

A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

The refrigerator is home to vegetables, eggs, milk and those leftovers that have been taking up a permanent residence next to your groceries. A good way to tackle your fridge is by taking everything out and wiping the shelves down. As you go to put food and condiments back in, check for expiration dates. Toss those old leftovers and anything that has expired. Next, move onto your kitchen pantry. Check for expiration dates here too. Any canned goods you don't plan on eating can be donated to a local food bank near your Orlando apartment. Don't forget to wipe down the microwave, it's time to get rid of all those caked on food splatters. Let your dishwasher do its job and clean the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for almost a week. After everything has been put back nice and neatly, tidy up your countertops and other kitchen surfaces. Make sure to give some elbow grease when cleaning your glass stovetop!

You Will Never Know What You Have Until You….. Clean Your House

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring cleaning is a good time to get rid of unwanted or unused clothes. Separate out your clothes into a "keep" and "donate" pile. Now is also a good time to catch up on the laundry that has been occupying "the chair." Put that in-unit washer and dryer to good use! Can you even remember the last time you changed the sheets on your bed? Grab some clean, fresh sheets from your linen closet. If you have recently moved into your Orlando apartment, this would be a great time to stop procrastinating and unpack those last few boxes. Maybe you will find that shirt you've been looking for or a book that you've been wanting to read. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help keep your apartment spit spot. If you're still looking for some ideas on what to clean, check out this article!

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