I’m a first time renter. What are some important questions to ask before signing a lease at Full Sail apartments?

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First off, congratulations on moving out on your own for your first time, and on your acceptance to Full Sail! It is a very exciting feeling which can also be mixed with a bit of nervousness. It's ok to feel this way before you start your search among the many wonderful Full Sail apartments out there. Having a plan and knowing the questions to ask each community ahead of time is key before you sign any type of paperwork.

What is included in the apartment rent?

First, you will want to know what is included in your cost of the rent in apartments near Full Sail. Find out if your monthly bill will be reserved towards the cost of your unit only, or if it is all-inclusive. If it is all-inclusive, that typically means your utilities are covered by your rent as well. However, you will want to find out which utilities. Some communities will cover a portion of utilities and have you pay the rest. If this is the case, you will want to make sure you contact the appropriate utility companies to set up accounts in your name.

How does the apartment  handle maintenance?

Another question to ask before moving into Full Sail apartments is how emergency repairs are handled. If your community has emergency maintenance on call, then that may help you put your mind at ease a bit. Keep in mind that some emergencies are more important than others. A broken pipe or air conditioner may be a bit more important than a squeaky door hinge. You will have to take the severity of your problem into consideration when waiting for maintenance to come knock on your door.

What are the lease terms?

Apartments near Full Sail may have many lease terms and renewal options. You will want to make sure you understand your terms of the lease you are signing and when you will need to give notice for either a lease renewal or a move-out. Make sure you are signing a 12-month lease if you plan on staying for a year.  You also want to make sure you don't miss the date of renewal if you decide to stay longer, because they could rent your apartment to someone else! On the other hand, if a community asks for 60 day's notice before moving out, you may be stuck paying for additional months of rent if you fail to give the correct length of time. Read your lease terms carefully!

What is the guest policy?

Full Sail apartments may have differing policies on guests, so you will want to make sure you find those out ahead of time before inviting any family or friends over. They may place a restriction of a certain amount of days a guest is permitted to stay before they either have to leave or be added to your lease. Other communities may be more relaxed. You'll also want to find out the parking policy of your new apartment. Do you get an assigned space or can you park wherever you can find room? How about visitor parking? The last thing you want is for your guests to be towed from your community because they parked in the wrong spot! That's a very inconvenient (and expensive) problem to handle.

While these are just a sampling of some of the questions that need to be asked before putting pen to paper, you will want to make sure you do your homework before your first apartment tour and have any questions that are important to you readily available when its time to sit down with a leasing agent or property manager. 

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