What snacks are good to have on hand in my Full Sail apartment?

As a busy Full Sail University student, you may find yourself trying to keep up with everything on your plate from classes, work, a social life that sometimes your snacking and food intake take a back seat. You may end up eating out more, spending more money than you would like to or have a budget for, or maybe you would like to improve your health and make better choices. If this is you, let's talk about good snacks to have on hand in your apartment near Full Sail.

You found affordable housing near Full Sail, but now it seems your food budget needs some reining in. We're here to help! Prepping ahead of time and making your own homemade snacks can make the most significant difference in saving money with your budget and also time.

You can make your own granola or protein bars with little prep work or cooking skills. Or try one of the popular energy balls recipes online, such as these no-bake energy balls. You could buy items such as nuts, dried fruit, candy, or other favorites in bulk at Costco Wholesale to make your own trail mix to have on hand. Separate portions in bags or reusable containers if being green is also a goal of yours. If you have roommates, maybe you all want to go in together on snacks to have in your Full Sail apartment.

If convenience is most important to you, you can always purchase premade snack packs of beef jerky, protein bars, or your favorite chips or pretzels. Garden Veggie Straws like these from Sensible Portions have become popular in the last few years since they are a little healthier than the usual potato chips. Beef jerky has come a long way in recent years, and you can now find jerky in all different flavors and different meats, including turkey jerky and even this mushroom jerky.

Having fresh fruit on hand, prewashed, and on the counter, so you easily spot it on the way out the door to class, is very convenient and keeps you eating healthy. If you are a dip fan, purchase your favorite fruit and vegetables with your favorite dips to bring along. Some popular options for dips are hummus, yogurt, or ranch, and other salad dressings.

Apple sauce or other fruit in on-the-go pouches is a good option if you prefer not to carry a spoon around with you. You may have seen these pouches for babies and younger kids, but many companies now make these options for adults, and they make a convenient way to make sure you get your daily fruit intake on the go.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, and smoothies also make great convenient snacks. Many come with fruit or other yummy toppings, but you can also purchase other ingredients to jazz it up the way that you like it. Granola, fruit, or candy are popular additions to yogurt or cottage cheese.

As you adjust to your life at your new Full Sail apartment, it is a good idea to stock up on snacks to keep yourself fueled to tackle your busy life. We hope this list gives you some easy and convenient options of snacks to have around your apartment.

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