How do I screen potential apartment roommates during a pandemic?

Finding apartments near UCF during a pandemic can seem impossible. But it's not. It may just involve a few more questions than during typical times. Apartment leasing has adapted with virtual tours and signing your leases electronically. And just like everyone else right now, you'll want to adjust your actions as well and that means asking your potential roommate more questions.

What is your philosophy on social distancing?

When interviewing potential roommates make sure they have the same feelings about social distancing as you to avoid future rifts. If you have a roommate who likes to socialize with lots of people but you're still living the quarantine life, it's probably not a good fit.

Do you want your roommate to get tested for COVID-19 before moving in?

If you're concerned about COVID-19 or are in one of the designated immune-compromised groups, you may want to ask your roommate to get tested. It might help you offer to get tested as well. University of Central Florida has a plan for keeping faculty and staff safe and that includes testing procedures. While times continue to change rapidly be sure to look at the most recent procedures that UCF is currently doing.

Visitors in the apartment, no visitors, a specific list?

Be sure to get very detailed and granular in your discussion around visitors. If your potential roommate is in a relationship or has friends that like to come over frequently are you ok with that? Will having many people over affect renting apartments near UCF that have a noise policy?

Are you looking for a roommate that is another student? Will they be doing all online classes, in-person classes, or a combination of both?

Do they work full time or do they go to school as well? If your potential roommate is a student and doing all online classes, do you they plan to work from the kitchen table or in their rooms? If they plan to go to class, how do you feel about their interactions with other students?

Have you tested positive or know anyone that has?

Are you concerned about someone who has tested positive recently? The current recommendation is to quarantine for 14 days after symptoms are gone. Are you comfortable if they tested positive at all? Has a family member recently tested positive but your potential roommate is showing no symptoms, how do you feel about that?

Do they plan to take a trip during the semester?

Does your roommate plan to fly home for Thanksgiving and come back for finals? How do you feel about that? Are you planning to do that? These are vital discussions to have to ensure full disclosure with your potential roommate and avoid potential future arguments or concerns.

How to Find a Roommate for your apartment near UCF?

Many apartments in UCF offer opportunities to rent by the bed, as student housing a large market in Orlando. There are many apartments that offer roommate matching when you sign a lease.


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