What are some ways to set up my Orlando apartment for group PC gaming?

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Setting your group up on the kitchen island will make more effective use of your space!

If you're anything like me and my roommates, you know the importance of quality leisure time. Especially in such a hectic year for the planet, finding a healthy way to escape for a couple of minutes (or hours) can be really beneficial. A popular way for many young people living in Orlando apartments to spend quality leisure time together is by gaming on their PCs.

Though it seems simple, setting up an apartment for PC gaming as a group is no easy task. Here are some ways you can make your Orlando apartment optimal for PC gaming with your roommates.

If your apartment came with a kitchen island, setting up your rigs in the kitchen might be the prime setup for you. You will have to judge the space for yourself, ultimately, but between your island and the dining table, odds are you're going to have plenty of space.

If your apartment came furnished, or you have stools you use for sitting at the island, you're going to want to set those up on opposite ends so you're not bumping into each other and inhibiting movement. You may be able to fit two to four players comfortably, depending on the size of your kitchen island. If you run out of space, relocating to another counter or the dining table is probably your best solution.

The above scenario may work for groups playing on the same team together, but what if you and your friends are playing against each other? You may not want your computer screen too vulnerable to wandering eyes. In this case, you will want to separate the players to promote fairer gameplay. If you live in an apartment that offers free wifi, you have to keep in mind where the router is so  you and your friends can avoid connectivity problems.

The only issue gamers may have with splitting up into different rooms or staying too far apart is they may not be able to hear each other. While this works well for in-house versus games, this arrangement can really hinder gameplay in MMOs like League of Legends. If you and your friends' computers are equipped with internal microphones or gaming headsets, this shouldn't be much of a problem. However, if you do not have these tools at your disposal, there are a couple of solutions better than just yelling across the house.

Do you remember in grade school when the teacher would have you stand up books, binders, or other blockers between you and other students during really important tests to protect your work? Well, a similar solution can be applied here. To hear each other better, it is necessary to keep everybody in the same room or at the most two open rooms apart; to protect yourself from a potential cheating situation (I know you trust your friends, but desperate games call for desperate measures), you will want to set up vertical blockers that keep the game fair for everybody.

Gaming with friends and roommates in times like these can be a great source of solace for a lot of young people. I hope the suggestions given above improve your friend group's gaming experience in your Orlando apartment.

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