How can I find Orlando apartments with washers and dryers?

I am a woman who knows the importance of having clean clothes; I have had far too many laundry mishaps to think I could live in any of the apartments in Orlando - or anywhere in the world, for that matter - without having a washer and dryer easily accessible. There have been more instances than I would like to admit where I have pulled something I needed to wear out of the hamper, sprayed it with some good-smelling product, and hoped for the best. I imagine you're in that boat with me (At least, I hope I'm not the only one!). Fortunately for both of us, it is so easy to find only the apartments that have the laundry services we require.

You'll want to go to On the right side of the page, there's that huge "Find Your Apartment" button - you won't be able to miss it. Click that, and you'll get a whole bunch of results for apartments in Orlando. This is where the magic comes in. On the left hand side of your screen, there will be all sorts of options for you to fiddle with. Just ignore these for the moment - you'll have plenty of time to play with them later. To find those washers and dryers you're looking for, you'll want to scroll down and click "Show advanced filters." This unveils a bunch more choices for you. The one you want in particular is "Appliances." Click the blue plus sign right next to the title, and you will get a drop down menu. From this, you can click the "Yes" circle for any of the following: W/D Included, W/D Available, W/D Hookups, Laundry Facilities On-site, or any combination of those. Then your search will only include those apartments in Orlando that have the cleaning machines that you need.

If you're someone who has more delicate clothing options and requires a laundromat or dry cleaner for clothes cleaning, it's really simple to find those as well. Head on over to and click "Find Your Apartment." Now you can play with the "Distance from a Location" feature. Hit the plus sign next to it if it's not already open, then insert the address of your favorite laundry business - or that of the one with the best reviews! You can adjust the mile range to go from 0 to 50 miles away, so you can make sure that any apartments in Orlando that you're looking at are also close to those washers and dryers and whatever else your laundry requires.

Pulling clothes out of the hamper can be a thing of the past for both of us, now that you know all the apartments in Orlando that have washers and dryers either in the apartment, within the community, or just down the street. It'll be a good feeling to have clothes that are always clean when you need them. Enjoy the clothing freshness, and enjoy your new dream home as well!

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