I hear the parking at UCF is terrible. How can I find a UCF apartment with parking?

With a campus as large and expansive as the one the University of Central Florida has, there is actually a lot of parking available; the only problem is that thousands of people are trying to get those spots, same as you. Fortunately, a lot of the apartments near UCF have their own parking for you to leave your car. That way you don't have to fight for the right to hunt for a spot on campus! And with 407apartments.com, it's incredibly easy to find an apartment you love that has the kind of parking situation you are looking for.

First, go to the 407apartments.com main page. From there, you will see a big button on the right side of the page that says "Find Your Apartment." Click it, and you will be taken to the place where all the magic happens. You have over 300 options to play with to narrow down what you're looking for in your dream apartment. The option we're looking at today is "Parking." Click the plus sign next to it, and you will have several choices to pick from. Are you looking for parking that's included with rent? Maybe you're looking for a parking garage or covered parking lot? Is on-street parking okay, or would you prefer a place with your own garage? You even can choose to only search apartments near UCF that have guaranteed parking spaces! All you have to do is check the "yes" button by any and all of those options, and your search will be narrowed down to those apartments with the parking space you need.

Sometimes after you have gotten a parking space though, you don't want to just give it up in a few hours or the next day. Lucky for you, many of the apartments near UCF are also near public transportation. You can search for apartments near these the same way. Go to 407apartments.com and click "Find Your Apartment." This time, select the option for "Public Transportation." From there, decide whether you would like to be near the LYNX, the UCF Shuttle, or the SunRail. Then you know which apartments in the area give you easy access to public transportation. That's perfect for when you don't want to move your car, or you just don't feel like driving.

If you really want to park on campus, you will have to do it really early in the morning - the people with the first round of classes generally will fill up the spots and not leave until they're done for the day. It's much nicer not to have to worry about the parking situation and just keep your car parked at one of the apartments near UCF. Just play around with the search options until you find the apartment you've been dreaming of - the one that is the right fit for you with the right parking accommodations for you!

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