What does the job market look like in Orlando?

If you are looking for a new career opportunity, Orlando offers one of the best areas in the country to move to in terms of affordability and growing job market. Not only is Orlando fast growing and full of unique industries, but Orlando, in Central Florida, is #3 out of The 10 Best Cities for Jobs in 2019 according to US News and World Report.

Job Market

So, what does the job market look like? Orlando has an unemployment rate of 4.2% (as of March 2017) and sits as one of the fastest growing areas of employment. A survey conducted by OrlandoJobs.com revealed that in 2017:

  • A total of 13,323 jobs currently open within the 135 surveyed companies, with another 24,300 jobs predicted to open in the last three quarters of 2017
  • 39% of surveyed companies indicate that hiring will be better this year than last
  • 96% of companies plan on hiring at least one person in 2017
  • 83% of companies currently have open jobs
  • 32% of companies surveyed will be hiring 50 or more employees in 2017

Types of Jobs

The top industries hiring in Central Florida are healthcare, skill trades, technology, sales, construction and education according to a survey conducted by OrlandoJobs.com in 2017.

To begin your job search in Orlando, first upload your resume to CareerBuilder and start scouting job boards utilizing internet job search engines. Regardless of city, you'll need more than a pretty resume to get a job nowadays so look to join your local networking chapters at MeetUp to meet people.


Don't be surprised when you hear how happy residents are to be living in Orlando. Florida is one of the few states that has no income taxes meaning more of your moolah going right to your bank account. Along with more money means more opportunities in the City Beautiful. While you're searching for that perfect job, you'll find that the rent for apartments in Orlando and cost of living is affordable in this town.

Best Industries Expanded

It doesn't take a genius to know Orlando has a big tourism industry. Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld's presence here means big opportunities in not only tourism but hotels, airport work and even entertainment. Where do you think most of those cool 90's Nickelodeon shows were filmed?

Along with entertainment at the park's studios you have Full Sail right in East Orlando and UCF offering employment opportunities in the tech corridor around those campuses. Military contractors like Lockheed Martin are in Orlando as well. For just a short drive away to Lakeland you'll find Publix's headquarters too. Orlando offers much in the way of niche industry work in the area that Orlando transplants will appreciate.


Orlando is one of the best areas in the country to move to. Rent is affordable, and you can see our rent prices at 407apartments to see for yourself. The affordability factor sells it for me but don't miss out on the many things to do in the area due to the massive growth in twenty-something's moving to the area. Orlando is fast growing with job market staples like Adventist Health thriving and with new employer headquarters like ADP Maitland coming to the area, and doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Don't be afraid to move here without a job lined up or you'll miss out!

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