What are some tips for fishing near Orlando apartments?

If your perfect Sunday includes relaxing by the water with a fishing pole in your hand, you'll be glad to know that Orlando apartments are close to several unique spots for your next big catch. With multiple lakes and a diverse eco-system, the Orlando area is a great location for freshwater fishing. Whether you prefer to go fishing on your own or enjoy guided tours that show you all the best fishing and sightseeing spots, you can find both options just a few minutes away from home—especially if you live in apartments near Lake Jesup and Lake Harris. Check out a few tips below for how to get started on your next fishing adventure near apartments in Orlando!

Things to know before going fishing in Orlando

While Florida weather can mean year-round sunshine and warmth, it also means risk of sunburns and overheating. If you're new to the state, it is important to know that sunscreen is an essential product for most Floridians who spend time out the sun. Even just a few minutes outside can lead to some sunburn if you're not protected. Before you head out on your fishing trip, apply plenty of sunscreen to all exposed skin areas, especially your face, shoulders, arms and legs. A fishing hat is a useful accessory for keeping the sun out of your eyes and shielding your face. Finding one with a wider brim is your best bet for ultimate protection. You can find high SPF sunscreen and all kinds of fishing accessories at an outdoor specialty shop in Orlando, like Bass Pro Shops in the Artegon Marketplace. Other things to look for include cooling towels, water bottles and umbrella fishing chair sets for a longer outing.

I'm used to saltwater fishing – what should I expect from freshwater?

Because of Orlando's central location, you'll be going freshwater fishing unless you're willing to travel to the coast. One of the biggest differences is the species of fish. For example, you may be used to catching drums, marlins and groupers in saltwater, but common freshwater catches in Florida include largemouth bass, sunfish and catfish. It can be exciting to catch a new species and improve your freshwater skills. For example, you'll need to find the best bait for freshwater fishing, like worms and other lures, rather than shrimp or squid! When fishing in lakes, keep in mind that the water is very still and you may need to move around more than you normally would. Additionally, your line is more likely to get stuck in rocks and weed beds, so cast carefully.

Where can I go fishing near Orlando apartments?

Your top options for fishing in Orlando include Lake Toho, Cypress Lake, Lake Kissimmee and chains of lakes, like the Conway and Butler chains. Lake Toho is known for being a hotspot for largemouth bass, while Cypress Lake is hailed for some of the biggest catches recorded in the area. If you're new to fishing or want a more guided experience for a new area, you can hire a fishing guide service, like Florida Bass Adventures or Orlando Fishing Charters to show you the ropes. Either way, you can find some of the best apartments in Orlando that are close to a variety of excellent fishing locations.

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