How do I keep a garden or grow plants in UCF Apartments?

You don't need a huge backyard to apply your green thumb and grow plants in an apartment near the University of Central Florida. While units with balconies or patios will greatly expand your gardening possibilities, all you need is a window or a room with some sunlight to get started. Whether you've always wanted to grow herbs for cooking or just want to enjoy caring for beautiful flowers, this guide will help you find creative ways to start a plant collection in UCF apartments.

What are some tips for growing plants on my apartment balcony or patio?

If you choose an apartment with a balcony or patio, you will probably have a few ideal spots for plants that need full or direct sun for some of the day. Flowering plants that fit this categories include lavender, petunias, sunflowers, miniature roses, zinnia and marigold. Plants with brightly colored flowers are a great choice for patios and can create eye-catching scenery for both you and your neighbors. When deciding which flowers you want to keep on your UCF apartment patio, it is important to consider the type (perennial, annual, etc.) and the length of time it blooms. Asters, chrysanthemums and carnations, for example, bloom all year long because they are resistant to both cold and hot weather. If your patio does not have a screen, asters may also attract butterflies to your garden.

Another thing to consider when adding plants to your balcony or patio is the width and length of your plants. If you want a little extra privacy, you can choose larger plants, like the copper plant, to provide some shade and protection from view. Smaller plants, however, will allow you to have more variety in your garden. Regardless of your preference, make sure to measure your balcony or patio so you do not overcrowd your plants and run out of space. One last time – outdoor gardens and plants can be a long-term investment. If you are committed to establishing a long-term space, make sure to search for UCF apartments with 12-month leases for a longer stay.

What are some tips for growing plants inside my apartment at UCF?

Residents without balconies or patios will be glad to know there are still plenty of options for growing plants in the house. Many houseplants need only a little bit of light from a window in the room to thrive, and even prefer to be out of the heat and sunlight. A bamboo plant is an excellent choice for beginners. It does not require soil or constant watering and can be placed in areas with low light. Aloe plants are easy to care for and can treat small burns and cuts. For other great indoor plants, check out this Huffington Post article with photos and descriptions of each.

Residents with pets will want to take extra care when selecting plants to keep inside pet-friendly UCF apartments. Houseplants that may be dangerous for cats and dogs include corn plants, elephant ears, lilies and the aloe plants mentioned above. Many websites, as well as your vet, can provide you with a list of plants that you can crosscheck before purchasing. Although you can attempt to place these plants out of your pet's reach, some units, like studio apartments, may make this more difficult, so err on the side of caution.

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