Help me! I’m new to downtown Orlando and I don’t understand how parking works! I keep getting tickets!

Parking in Downtown Orlando is certainly a far greater challenge than finding parking in the surrounding suburbs. If you’re unsure, try out the public transportation first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure to learn as much as you can about the LYNX bus routes and timings early on, so you don’t have to later! Leaving your car parked safely at your apartment is always a safe bet! If you do venture out in your car, be sure to note the locations of the five open parking lots and nine parking garages located around downtown. There is plenty of metered parking around Orlando, which usually costs $0.25 every 15 minutes. However, metered street parking is free after 6 pm, and on Sundays and Holidays. For parking in garages, it is important to bring cash until you know the area better. While many garages accept prepaid cards, some are cash only. The LYMMO bus service is also super convenient. It’s a 3-mile bus route around the major downtown district of Orlando. Best of all, its free!

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