Will my Orlando apartment come with appliances? Will I have kitchen appliances, or air conditioning? What about a washer and dryer?

Most Orlando apartments provide at minimum a basic complement of appliances to suit the lifestyle of its residents. Most apartments will come with central air conditioning included, though in most cases you will have to pay for the electricity you use with it. Most Orlando apartments offer a basic complement of kitchen appliances to residents. This will generally include a refrigerator, a microwave, a dishwasher, a kitchen sink, and a garbage disposal. Sometimes, upgraded appliances will be available at extra cost. These are usually newer, modern name brand appliances, often in stainless steel or black. As for washers and dryers, it depends on the apartment community you're looking at. Some will include a washer and dryer with the cost of rent. Many others will include washer and dryer hookups, allowing you to bring your own. These units will usually also have options for a washer and dryer to be included, at extra cost. Some smaller apartments may not even have the space or necessary hook-ups for a washer and dryer, though these places have laundry facilities on site for residents to use.

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