Are Apartments in Orlando safe? What kind of security measures are in place at Orlando apartments to keep residents safe?

Depending on which Orlando apartment you’re looking into renting, apartments in Orlando offer several different features to protect their residents at night. Resident safety is very important to residents. If residents did not feel safe at their apartment complex, they would probably not wish to continue to live there. Some apartments offer gates for cars. These usually have a key code one has to answer to open the gate. Some apartment complexes have gates that stay closed at night, but open during the day. Others have gates that are always closed and require a pass code or a guest to call in each time. Many apartments have secure or controlled access. This means that residents will have a code to punch in or a keycard to swipe at doorways to gain access to the building. Guests or residents without a pass might need to go to the front desk to gain entry into the building. Some apartments have courtesy patrols that keep an eye out for wrongdoing or suspicious activity. Other Orlando apartments have scheduled nightly police patrols to keep an eye out.

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