Why do some apartments in Orlando not allow pets?

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The Boardwalk does not allow pets.

While looking at apartments in Orlando, you may be disappointed to find that some of the places you are interested in do not allow pets. After all, everyone loves animals, why not these places? Well, it's not that these places do not like animals, members of the staff probably have their own waiting back at home. The issue is that some Orlando apartments can't handle the extra expense that comes with having pets.

Having animals causes problems, some of them being with the condition of the units themselves. Orlando apartments that allow pets have to deal with the costs of wear and tear that an animal leaves behind. Even if your pet is extremely well behaved, animals can cause damage with just their presence such as to the carpet.

In pet-friendly Orlando apartments, the carpets have to be changed a lot more than you would expect. Pets carry a lot of dander, which gets ingrained in the carpet and is hard to remove. This can be an issue for residents that move in after you, especially if the next resident is allergic to the animal that was there before.

Not only is the dander an issue for carpets in Orlando apartments, but urine is as well. Even the best behaved pets can have accidents; such as a dog that is afraid during a lightning storm. This is a common occurrence, and enough accidents will ruin a carpet, even if you clean it well enough.

Speaking of animals going to the bathroom, where do they most commonly leave their droppings? The answer is: all around the complexes of Orlando apartments; and while many residents are kind enough to pick up what their pets leave behind, plenty are not. So, not only is more maintenance required for the up keeping of all units, but also for the complex grounds.

This means that landscaping prices are going to go up, as regular upkeep is going to be required in order to make sure that residents aren't constantly having to wash their shoes with a hose. Like I said, having pets is a major cost expense, and Orlando apartments deciding whether to have them is factored in to how much they can afford to spend.

So, what about apartments in Orlando that do not have pets; are they just being cheap, or can they not afford them? Well, it's more of a tradeoff really. Orlando apartments that do not allow pets are simply choosing to use their budget in other ways, such as having more amenities or other apartment features. While it does come down to not being able to afford it, it is more of a conscious choice than a limitation.

Anyway, if you are looking for pet-friendly apartments in Orlando that might allow cats and dogs, there are plenty to choose from. If you need any help, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at 407Aparments. Let us help you choose the best new home possible for you.

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