What does it mean when apartments near Full Sail are priced by the room?

When apartments near Full Sail say they are priced by the room that typically means that it is an individual lease. An individual lease is when you rent your bedroom while sharing the other common areas with a roommate.  These types of leases typically include a private bathroom within your room as well. You may be sharing the other areas with one or more roommates, including the living room, kitchen, laundry room, patio or balcony, dining room or more, depending on the floor plan.

Apartments near Full Sail that are priced by the room are often student apartments. However, individual leases can be found at a variety of apartment communities, not just student-centered ones. One benefit of leasing an apartment that is priced by the room is that you are the only one on your lease. That means you are responsible for the rent of your room, not your roommate’s. This could be very useful if your roommate forgets to pay rent one month. They will get charged the late fee, but you will be fine since you paid your portion on time.

Apartments near Full Sail with individual leases typically have all of the utilities built into the monthly price. This makes it very convenient to you as a renter, because now instead of making multiple payments on different due dates each month, now you make one lump payment and you’re done! This will help with budgeting your money and can prevent possibly forgetting a due date for a bill. However, be sure to check with the office before signing the lease, because they may offer partial or no utilities. For example, some apartments may require that you purchase your own cable if you wish to have it, but will cover your electricity and water expenses.

Another great feature of Full Sail apartments that offer pricing by the room is it often comes furnished. This comes in handy on moving day when you now have no furniture to move! Not all apartments near Full Sail will offer this, so be sure to check with the office before making a decision. Some communities may even charge an extra furnishing “rent” per month, so be prepared for that possibility. If you are renting by the room, it usually will come furnished with a bed, dresser, nightstand and sometimes desk. Some apartments even allow you to bring your own furniture and swap it out with the pieces that they offer. Again, it is smart to check with the office to see what they’re policy is on this and if they charge a fee. The common areas in an individual lease situation is almost always furnished, since they know the roommates moving in together most likely don’t know each other. Having a couch, dining table and other furniture staples only makes it easier for their new tenants.

A drawback that people may find with apartments near Full Sail that offer by-the-room pricing is that rent prices may possibly be higher than if you signed a traditional joint lease. The reason why it is pricier is because it often includes more amenities and utilities than a conventional lease would. Some renters even find out that individual leases may be the better deal in the long run, after adding up all of the utility expenses! It really just depends on what you are looking to spend.

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