I know most places have a model but will I be able to see the actual apartment I will be getting?

While many Orlando apartments have beautifully decorated models that are always available for tours, based on their availability you may be able to look at the actual unit that you wish to rent. Provided that the previous tenant has moved out and it has been cleaned and prepared for move in, a leasing staff member may be able to let you take a look at the exact place you are interested in. Remember that if you are signing a lease that doesn’t start until a month out, there may still be someone living there and you will not be able to look at it. Communities will spend thousands of dollars decorating their models and since no one is living there, it remains relatively clean. Be aware that your lease may have a statement that says you are agreeing to a certain floor plan with normal wear and tear. Try to find a way to see your actual unit before you pack in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you pull up with your moving truck.

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