How long will it take me to search through apartments in Orlando?

If you are a planner you will want to spend a few months planning your move. There are so many decisions that go into looking for a new home. First you have to decide what your budget is. Remember that renting does not only include the monthly rates, but also includes deposits, down payments, application and administrative fees, utilities and cable, and even parking and trash service. All of these amounts add up to much more than simply the monthly rent amount so be sure you are factoring that into your budget. You will also need to decide what part of town you want to live it. Our neighborhood guide is a great resource for getting to know the different areas of central Florida. While it is quite common for renters to choose a place to live within a few days of beginning their search, remember that once you sign the contract you are legally obligated to it, even if you discover a cheaper, nicer community right down the street a week later.

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