Are there any good places to eat late at night near UCF apartments?

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Boardwalk is close to UCF which is near great late night food selections.

Whether you're up all night cramming for a big test the next day or finding your way home from one of the local bars near UCF apartments, the need for food tends to strike too late. Not to worry though! Out at UCF you'll have plenty of late night options to satisfy your hunger. Some of them are just your average late night drive thru but you'll also find more unique options to choose from.

If your stomach says it needs something sweet you could always go to the local Mcdonald's drive thru and grab a chocolate chip cookie or an ice cream cone. But what if you don't want to leave the couch? What if it's 1 am and your stomach wants nothing but cookies and brownies? This is when you turn to Midknight Munchies. It's owned and operated by UCF students so of course it's close to all of the apartments near UCF! The best part is they'll deliver all your munchies right to your doorstep! They'll even bring a Yoohoo along to quench your thirst.

If you're in the mood for pizza you've got a few outstanding options to choose from. There's Lazy Moon Pizza right off of University Blvd. Here you can grab a slice of pizza that's as big as your head! One slice is almost an entire meal in itself. They also have one of the largest craft beer selections in the area. It's perfect if you're looking for something to wash down all the delicious pizza. Even though they don't deliver it's definitely worth the trip. If Lazy Moon doesn't sound like the right pizza place for you, you can always check out Broadway Ristorante and Pizzeria. Sunday through Thursday they're open until 2 am. Fridays and Saturdays they're open till a whopping 4 am. I recommend the Bianca pizza. It sure is tasty!

Everybody loves a good sandwich. Near UCF apartments there are plenty of late night places to visit to get your sandwich craving fulfilled. There's Jimmy Johns on University Blvd that will deliver right to your door until 3 am! Or pita pit which stays open even later, closing at 3:30 am. Whatever you do don't forget to consider South Philly Steaks in your late night sandwich search. They're open ridiculously late and will deliver some of the best cheesesteaks around right to your door.

You'll never go hungry late night in the UCF area. Even if you're too lazy or too busy to get off the couch you still have plenty of options to choose from. There's always something to eat and usually it's just a block or two away from your UCF apartment!

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