Are there any good apartments on McCulloch Road at UCF?

Yes, there are a few UCF apartments located on McCullochRoad. This location offers proximity to campus and plenty of shopping anddining opportunities close by, which makes it an ideal place to live for UCFstudents looking to move off campus.

Tivoliis a great place to live if you are thinking ofmoving into a UCF apartment on McCulloch Road. Tivoli is located right onMcCulloch Road just north of campus by the University Palms Shopping Center.Because of its location on McCulloch, Tivoli gives UCF students a quick commuteto class each day. Tivoli has many apartment options for its potentialresidents to choose from. Tivoli has one, two, three or four bedroom floorplans. Each apartment option at Tivoli has a balcony or patio, spacious livingand dining room area, and private bathrooms. Tivoli's apartments also come witha full arsenal of great features, such as: vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets,alarm systems, storage space, plenty of ceiling fans, and wood floors.

McCulloch Road is also home to another great UCF apartment –Knights Circle Apartments. Knights Circle is located at the corner of NorthAlafaya Trail and McCulloch Road, just across the street from the northwestcorner of the UCF campus. Like Tivoli, this location makes Knights Circle aprime location for students looking to have a quick commute to campus each day.Two, three and four bedroom apartments are available to choose from at KnightsCircle. The largest, a four-bedroom behemoth, has almost 1,400 square feet,four bathrooms and $600 per room. Awesome apartment features are everywhere youlook at Knights Circle. A few of the highlights include: an alarm system,upgraded countertops, balcony or patio, ceiling fans, wood floors, privatebathrooms, washer and dryer, and a dishwasher.

Northgate Lakesis my final pick for a UCF apartment locatedon McCulloch Road. With Northgate Lakes' location on McCulloch Road just northof campus, UCF students living here are within quick walking distance to thefootball stadium. So, on game days you have prime real estate for tailgates,and you won't have to travel far to get to your seat in the stadium. NorthgateLakes has either three or four bedroom floor plans that have multiple layoutoptions. The three bedroom floor plans have either two or three bathrooms, andthe four bedroom floor plans have either a two or four bedroom option. The realperks of living at Northgate are the numerous community features. Some of thebest you'll find at this UCF apartment community are: a computer lab, movietheatre, nature views, swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, game room, picnicarea, coffee bar, tanning bed and sand volleyball court.

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