Help! My Orlando apartment is unfurnished. Where are the best places to purchase furniture near UCF?

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Riverwind has a furnished common area, so you only have to worry about purchasing furniture for your bedroom!

If you are moving into an unfurnished UCF apartment, you will need to buy some furniture right away to make the new apartment feel like home. After all the moving costs, signing fees, paying first and last month's rent, security deposits and perhaps a broker's fee, you may not have much money leftover to furnish and decorate your new Orlando apartment. Thankfully, Orlando has many inexpensivef urniture and home improvement stores for you to choose from. This article will give you just a few of the best options near your UCF apartment.a

If you are looking to furnish, decorate or just add some flair to your new UCF apartment, Ikea is the best all-around value option. Ikea, located near the Millenia Mall in Orlando, is a gigantic maze of a building filled with millions of furniture and decorating options for your apartment. You have probably heard of this Swedish company before. The upside to Ikea is that is has specific furnishings tailored to apartments of different sizes. Do you live in a spacious four bedroom Orlando apartment with three other roommates? Ikea has a whole faux apartment set up in the store to give you ideas on how storage,furniture and decorations can tie together to create a stylish, yet functional space. Do you live in a cozy one bedroom Orlando apartment? Ikea also has a model for you, as well. The other upside to Ikea is that most items are crazy cheap. Orlando apartment owners will have no problem finding what they need to fill their empty apartments at Ikea.

Another,more interesting option, is called Tuesday Morning. The Orlando area has three locations for UCF apartment owners to visit. This store is unique in that it is only open on Tuesday Mornings. This is due to the fact that the store sells only wholesale furniture and home goods. This is the stuff that, for one reason or another, never got bought at more expensive furniture stores. The pieces are sent to Tuesday Morning to try one last time to get the items to sell. This translates into cheaper prices for higher quality products. The big trade off for UCF apartment owners, however, is that going to Tuesday Morning is a big gamble. Orlando residents risk wasting their time if the items at Tuesday Morning aren't what you are looking for, don't match your apartment, or don't match the other furniture. Tuesday Morning is a toss up, but if it works out,can be a great way for Orlando apartment owners to get a great deal on really nice furniture and decorations.

One more option is for UCF apartment owners looking to furnish their apartment for cheap is American Freight. These distribution centers are filled with furniture that is cheap because it was wholesale, an incorrect order, closeouts, overruns or another special circumstance. The result is similar to Tuesday Morning, but with a little more consistency with the product selection. The Orlando area has a couple American Freight locations for apartment owners looking to get brand name pieces of furniture at an affordable price. American Freight also has great deals on brand new mattresses. So, if you need a bed, this is where you should head. American Freight frequently has brands like: Serta, Mohawk, Beautyrest, Simmons, Haverhill and Stewart and Hamilton.


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