I’m a UCF student with limited mobility. What do Orlando apartments have to offer that is handicap accessible?

Moving or living alone with limited mobility can be difficult without the proper accommodations. Thankfully, Orlando apartments and apartments near the University of Central Florida do have nice and affordable options that are also handicap accessible. The overall goal is for you to find a place that would allow you to your daily life with your desired amount of independence. Hopefully, the following suggestions for amenities to look for in your Orlando apartment near UCF will lead you to the apartment that fits your needs. 

Building Accommodations

For starters, navigating your apartment building is important. To make it simpler, many Orlando apartments have easily accessible first-floor living spaces. Some apartments even have front door walk-ups that don't require you to enter one building to get to your front door. Instead, you can go right up to your door from the curb. If the first floor is not your preference, apartments with elevator accessibility are an option as well. The leasing office should be able to detail how wheelchair friendly their buildings are so you are able to make the most informed decision when choosing your new home.

 Another great feature to consider when searching for an apartment that will accommodate limited mobility is Valet trash service. Taking out the trash is a task that may seem like a small one. But with limited mobility, having to take a trash bag from your apartment to a dumpster that may or may not be close by, can be a huge inconvenience. With valet trash service, you don't have to take your trash further than a container by your front door. From there, the trash service will come by and pick up the trash for you during times specified by your apartment. That's one less thing for you to worry about in your Orlando apartment.

Pet and Service Companion Friendly

Orlando also has a selection of apartments near the University of Central Florida that are pet friendly. If you currently have, or decided to add, a service animal to your life, you both can live comfortably in your pet friendly Orlando apartment. Pet friendly apartments usually include amenities specifically for your companion such as a dog walking area, trash receptacles specifically for pet waste, and more. As you're searching for an apartment that fits your specific needs, if you're also considering a service animal, considering pet friendly apartments even before you have a service companion is best practice.

Everyone should be able to live comfortably no matter their perceived limitations. No matter what accommodations you need, there are so many apartment choices in the city of Orlando and near the University of Central Florida that there should be one to fit your specific needs. Once you've chosen a place, you may still find that there are ways to continuously make your independent living easier for you. Check out these 20 quick tips for how further enhance your apartment for optimum accessibility.



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