Where Can I Find The Best Vegan Food Near My Orlando Apartment?

Whether you are doing a vegan food challenge for the month or just looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle, you won't have to worry about finding grub near your Orlando apartment. Orlando is a hub for delicious wholesome food, giving you lots of options that range from casual joints, to upscale restaurants, to grocery stores that cater to animal free fare. Many of these places also offer food that meets additional standards such as non-GMO, organic, and local.

While there are many options for places to eat all throughout the city, an apartment in Downtown Orlando will put you in close proximity to lots of restaurants, stores, and markets. From your doorstep you can walk to get your morning cup of coffee and a tofu scramble from establishments such as Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar. Not only do they roast their own beans in-house, they also offer non-dairy milk for your favorite caffeinated beverages.

When searching for more natural, plant-focused vegan food, The Sanctum is an obvious choice. This restaurant is vegetarian/vegan and uses whole foods to create colorful meals that don't skimp on flavor or compromise healthiness. They offer house-made tempeh and seasonal ingredients and are committed to never using products with GMO's, hydrogenated oils, or refined sugars. There are also a particularly high number of fresh juice bars in the area, so if you've been considering going on a juice cleanse you may want to rent your Orlando apartment downtown.

Downtown also puts you close to Valhalla Bakery. This is one of the only all vegan bakery shops in Orlando, and it is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. They offer full size cakes for special occasions or personal sized cookies and cupcakes. Personally, I would go for anything chocolate, but they also offer more creative flavors such as lemon and lavender.

If you find yourself wanting to live a little north of downtown Orlando, Winter Park is one of the best neighborhoods in the entire area. Ethos Vegan Kitchen is a must-stop destination for me whenever I find myself in town, and since it's an entirely vegan establishment you can't go wrong. Good luck trying to share the bruschetta appetizer with more than one other person, I could easily eat the entire thing myself it's so delicious! Winter Park is also close to grocery stores such as Whole Foods and more local options such as Chamberlin's Natural Foods. Both have an abundance of health food options both pre-made and otherwise.

Along with prioritizing the location of your Orlando apartment, you also have to consider the amenities. If you enjoy walking home from the grocery store and making dinner yourself, you can search for apartments on our website that offer kitchen islands to make your cooking easier. Likewise, if you are just bringing home takeout but want to save on the electric bill, you can use our website to narrow down your search to find energy efficient apartments.
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