How do I motivate myself to cook more in my Orlando apartment?

Does your daily diet consist of coffee and whatever cheap, readily available food you can find nearby? If it does then you are in the same boat as many other people struggling to balance eating well with everyday life.  Issues such as living in a dorm can greatly lower your ability to cook your own food. However, now that you are living in an apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen you have a lot more power over your food choices. Eating well is an important part of your overall health, and luckily, it's easy to find an Orlando apartment that'll help facilitate these healthier choices.

I love cooking healthy meals in my kitchen, but after working all day the amount of dishes that pile up can make it seem like it's not worth the effort. Instead of taking the time to make a decent meal, the ease of a quick meal often wins out. The number one appliance that helps me overcome this problem is the dishwasher. Personally, I would prioritize finding an apartment in Orlando with a dishwasher over most other amenities because it tackles the worst part of mealtime! Dirtying multiple pots won't seem as terrible when you know you can avoid washing them all by hand, trust me.

Another common problem frequently encountered by apartment dwellers is a lack of kitchen space. When your kitchen is so small that one microwave conquers almost all of your counter space you can be left unhappily cutting veggies on your kitchen table. Instead of forcing yourself to cook in such frustrating circumstances, a wonderful solution is to look for an apartment in Orlando with a kitchen island. Kitchen islands offer lots of extra counter space which can be used for all kinds of meal prep, and they often have extra storage underneath as well. You can often find kitchen islands that have a stove or cook station on the island itself.

The last feature I would seek out in a kitchen would be a pantry. Cooking at home can be both inexpensive and fun, but a key step is to have a well-stocked kitchen pantry. Cabinets can quickly fill up with staple items like spices, grains and oils, so it can be very helpful to have a designated kitchen space for these foods. This is especially important if you live with roommates. Sharing your Orlando apartment is one thing, but multiple people sharing one kitchen can quickly become chaotic if not organized properly. Another tip - if you are interested in maximizing your counter space - is to store your unused small appliances. While this will take up more cabinet space, it will result in a cleaner look that is more functional for you and your roommates.

Motivation to cook more at home can come in many ways; it really depends on what inspires you. If you are someone who responds well to clean, beautiful spaces, then you may want to look at some upgraded kitchens. These will often come with stainless steel appliances, newer counter surfaces, and an overall updated look. Otherwise, stick to finding a kitchen that is functional enough to take the stress out of mealtime. Also, it's always a good idea to start small with healthy recipes that are quick and easy to make. Whatever you do, don't give up! In time you will be able to easily develop long-lasting eating habits that won't take any motivation at all.

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