I value the Earth’s resources and prefer to recycle and save energy whenever possible. What green features do apartments near Full Sail have to offer?

Trying to keep your carbon footprint low while living the college life? Apartments near Full Sail have many options to make sure you are maintaining a sustainable lifestyle! Check out a few of the "green" amenities that Full Sail apartments offer below.

Programmable Thermostats

Are you one of those people who constantly forgets to turn the thermostat up when you leave the house? Living in an apartment with a programmable thermostat you will never have to worry about that again! This type of eco-friendly amenity is common in two-story apartments, and it's very useful for when no one is in the apartment. The thermostat could be programmed to turn up the air during the day and cool it off in the evening just before you get home. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it will help you to save money on your electric bill! Florida summers can get quite warm, and if the AC is set to a low temperature when you're at school or work it may end up running all day to keep up with the summer heat. If you plan on being home a day that the thermostat is programmed, it can easily be adjusted to the temperature you desire. Bet you didn't think you could save money and go green at the same time did you?


To effectively reduce your carbon footprint, you should cut back on the amount of garbage you throw away. Apartments near Full Sail with recycling can help you repurpose your waste. Recycling your paper, plastic and aluminum not only helps the environment, but it also preserves the world for generations to come. Full Sail apartments that offer recycling will provide those famous yellow and blue bins so trash can be sorted accordingly. Sometimes these bins will be found alongside the trash compactor if the apartment community has one. Some communities even offer valet trash services. If your apartment community offers this amenity, all you have to do is place your trash out front in a box and each night the trash valet will come and collect it. Recycling doesn't get much easier than that! You would be surprised how much plastic and paper you use in a week, and when you start recycling you'll see just how much waste the average person creates. Don't remember what goes in the blue bin and what goes in the yellow bin? Check out the City of Orlando's residential recycling guide!

Energy Efficient Apartments

Energy efficient apartments not only help save the environment but can also save you come dollars on your electric bill! Can you imagine living in Florida with no A/C? Since its creation decades ago several improvements have been made including the addition of energy efficient options. Full Sail apartments that have these upgraded A/C units help reduce the amount of pollution that is put into the environment while still keeping you comfortable for a reasonable price. Some other energy efficient features these apartments offer include fluorescent light bulbs, low-flow water fixtures, windows made with special glass and specialty appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and ceiling fans. You will be able to sleep well knowing that you are helping the world become a better place by living in an energy efficient apartment.

Whether these green features are used to turn your thermostat up while you're gone or to effectively reduce pollution and waste, you will have plenty of eco-friendly options when looking for an apartment near Full Sail! Just remember to continue expanding your efforts by sharing the perks of green living with others!

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