What options do Full Sail apartments have for people who want to take care of their vehicle?

If you're attending Full Sail University and you rely on your car to get you from point A to point B each and every day, it's probably important that you take care of your precious vehicle, right? Good thing is, many apartments near Full Sail offer specific amenities that have the safety and cleanliness of your car or truck in mind.

Apartments with Car Wash Stations

Some Full Sail apartments offer car wash stations for their residents. This is a great and affordable option for anyone who does not feel like driving up to the local car wash (or paying for it for that matter!) Typically the communities that offer this type of amenity have water hoses and a specific parking area for resident use. Some of these car wash areas may even be covered, offering protection from the hot Florida sun while you clean your car. Many communities also offer a vacuum with a hose, so you can ensure that your vehicle will be spotless from the inside out.

Rent a Private Garage

Besides offering a way to keep your vehicle clean, some apartments near Full Sail offer ways to keep your vehicle safe. Renting a unit that comes with a private garage is probably your safest bet when thinking about the security of your car. Private garages can also be rented separately from your monthly rent. This type of amenity can be found in luxury communities and well as more traditional ones. They can be found in townhome apartments or single-story units. Not only do these garages protect your car from the outside elements, it also protects it from theft of damage from other vehicles or people. If peace of mind is what you're after, you may want to consider looking into a private garage to go along with your new apartment.

Rent a Covered Parking Spot

Full Sail apartments that do not offer private garages may opt to offer covered parking. In this case, this could either be a parking garage or an awning over a parking lot. Although your vehicle is not locked away like it would be in a private garage, these covered spaces still offer a sense of protection from the elements. You'll be surprised at how much sun damage your car will receive by being parked in direct sunlight. Making sure your car is under a covered parking structure will help the aesthetics of your car for years to come. It is also helpful when it comes to theft and any damage caused by weather.

Gated Full Sail Apartments

Apartments near Full Sail which offer a gated community or a courtesy officer on-site may also offer a sense of protection when it comes to your vehicle. Gated communities ensure that anyone who is not supposed to be in your community will not be granted access. Having a courtesy officer on property may deter potential car vandals or thieves. If the safety of your car is a very important factor in your final decision, make sure you think about all of these options before putting pen to paper.

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